21 Oct 2021
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São Pedro is the second most important and most populated parish of Funchal. Its importance goes back to the 15th century, when noble families started building their houses in this area. Setting a social distance from the population of workers and sailors that lived in Santa Maria do Calhau, known today as Zona Velha (Old Town).

São Pedro
In the 16th century, with the increase in the population, the city was divided into two parishes: Sé and Santa Maria do Calhau, and later, in 1566 the parish of  São Pedro was created.
It was in this area, which nowadays belongs to the parish of S. Pedro that the first captain of Funchal, João Gonçalves Zarco, built his second Residence and the chapels of São Pedro and São Paulo, as well as the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Cima, which today is integrated in the Convent of Santa Clara.
Later were built the Franciscan convents of Santa Clara, São Francisco and Mercês, these last two were later destroyed.
Due to their architecture and monumental features, the following are considered some of the most important streets in Funchal: Rua da Mouraria (Residence Street - old Rua da Moradia), this designation is due to the important residences built there between the 17th and 18 th centuries); Rua das Pretas (Street of the Black - named due to the frequent visit of black servants who worked in the most important houses built in the area); a Rua dos Netos (this designation refers to the surname of one of the families); and Rua do Surdo. These streets converge in São Pedro church, built in 1590 by order of King Philip I.
The Centre of S. Pedro is one of the must visit places of Funchal.
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