21 Oct 2021
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A historical areas is considered a valuable site corresponding to different phases that mark the settlement history of Funchal. These boundaries also include buildings and centres from more recent times, as they constitute an important contribution to the framing and valuation of the historical nucleus.

Historical Area
of Santa Maria
  Historical Area of São Pedro    Historical Area
of Sé
Historical Area of Santa Maria   Historical Area of São Pedro   Historical Area of Sé
The first area of the future City of Funchal was Santa Maria, which developed from the Church of Santa Maria do Calhau...   São Pedro is the second most important and most populated parish of Funchal. Its importance goes back to the 15th...   Although the Madeiran Archipelago was discovered in 1419, its settlement process only began in 1425. ...
Map of Historical Areas

geo local Map of Historical Areas


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