20 Oct 2021
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Carnival, From 11th to 18th February 2015

Carnival is a time when everyone goes all out to have fun in Funchal. In the hotels, bars and discos there is a constant stream of entertainment.

On Saturday thousands of participants parade through the streets and avenues of the city in the big Carnival Procession. The popular procession, O Cortejo Trapalhão, on Tuesday afternoon is always an expression of creativity, imagination and caricature on the part of the local population.


More informations: Madeira Tourism Website




“Festa da Cultura”
The “Festa da Cultura” (Feast of Culture) aims to promote and foster the cultural and artistic activities, to exalt the heritage and enhance the traditions and city's history. Funchal down town is, par excellence, the set of several cultural, musical and theatrical performances, that happen in parallel with the Book Fair.
“Procession in honour of St. James the Less, 1st May
Procissão São Tiago Menor
On May 1st, the City of Funchal pays tribute to São Tiago Menor (St. James the Less), its patron saint. In 1538, when the city was being ravaged by an outbreak of the plague, the city officials entrusted the safekeeping of the health of the inhabitants of the City of Funchal to St. James the Less Every year the tradition is repeated in honouring the saint with a procession of the Vow of the City, which travels along the streets of the Old Town to the Socorro Church.
Flower Festival, From 16th to 22nd April 2015
The Flower Festival fills Funchal with flowers, usually, on the first week end of April. On the promenade of Avenida Arriaga, carpets of flowers are laid down, and the Floral Exhibition is inaugurated in the Largo da Restauração, where visitors are given the opportunity of marvelling at the various species of flowers that grow on the island.

On Saturday morning, thousands of children build the “Wall of Hope” in the Praça do Município. On the following day, Sunday, the Flower Parade, with its hundreds of participants and dozens of floral floats, passes through downtown Funchal.

More information: www.madeiraislands.travel




Atlantic Festival, From 6th to 27th june 2015
Festival do atlantico1
The Atlantic Festival lasts throughout the month of June and includes the Fireworks Festival and the Madeira Music Festival.

The Fireworks Festival is made up of four pyromusical shows, each lasting about 20 minutes, filling the bay of Funchal with light and colour on Saturday nights.

The Madeira Music Festival presents a vast programme of concerts by regional, national and foreign music artists and groups, held in the various performance halls and churches of the city.

More information : Atlantic Festival

Funchal 500 Years Golf Tournament
golf norte max1
The Funchal 500 Years Golf Tournament, an event for men and women amateur players, is held in June at the Santo da Serra Golf Course, which is considered by Golf World as one of the 100 best courses in Europe. Participating in the tournament are well-known regional and national figures from the world of business and society. This annual tournament attracts several dozen players, who play under the Stable Four system with Full Handicap of 28 for women and 24 for men.

Funchal Jazz
funchal jazz
Funchal Jazz, an initiative of the Funchal City Hall, presents a range of well-known international performers, who provide the public with most agreeable nights in the Santa Catarina Park. This festival is always enthusiastically received by its great number of fans.


Madeira Wine Rally
Rally Vinho Madeira The Madeira Wine Rally is generally held on the first week end of August. Organised by Clube Sport Madeira, it is one of the most important races of the European Championship and is the largest racing event in the Region. The big names of world racing habitually participate in this event, which passes through the various points of the island over a period of two days. On Thursday evening, one of the most popular events of the rally is held in Avenida do Mar, and it is the only one held in Funchal.

More information: www.ralivm.com

Festival of Monte, 15th August
Festa do Monte
Our Lady of Monte is the patron saint of Madeira Island, and this festival is the largest held on the island, attracting many devout followers and the public in general. Monte is decorated with the traditional corridors of colourful flowers for this great popular festival, which includes all the traditional features of Madeiran festivals: booths for food and drink, traditional sweets, bonecas de massa (doll-like figures made of dough), and all the rest. The party lasts the whole night long. Visitors to Monte should not fail to visit the church and pray to Our Lady of Monte. On August 15, carpets of flowers are laid down for the procession that passes through the parish after the mass.

Funchal Day, 21ST August
The City of Funchal, the first city built in the Atlantic and outside the European continent, is 505 years old and celebrates its day on  August 21, the day on which King D. Manuel I granted the city its charter in 1508.

Besides the official ceremonies of protocol – a Thanksgiving Mass at the Colégio Church and a Solemn Assembly at the Town Hall – the celebrations always include a programme of sports, culture and recreation that encourage the city inhabitants and Madeirans, in general, to participate in the celebration of the Day of the City.

Madeira Wine Festival, From 30tH of August To 6th September 2015
festa do vinho da Madeira
The Madeira Wine Festival is held each year on the first week end of September.

In downtown Funchal, especially along Avenida Arriaga, there are live scenes and shows alluding to Madeira Wine and all its ethnic and cultural traditions. Entertainment is generally provided by philharmonic bands and folklore groups. The live grape harvest is held at Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. It includes the picking of the grapes, in which Madeirans and tourists may participate, followed by the traditional procession to the site where the grapes are pressed in a festive atmosphere of regional music and foods.



More information: www.madeiraislands.travel

Market Night,23RD december

Going to the Farmers Market on the night of the 23rd December is already a tradition.

 Early in the night, groups gather by the fish square and the humming of the traditional Christmas songs begins. Folk groups start dancing everywhere and music bands spread throughout the streets, together with locals.


 Bars and Pubs stay open all night long. There’s a lot of drinking and eating, where highlights Carne Vinha d’Alhos (cubes of pork marinated in wine and garlic) and Poncha(sugarcane rum, with lemon and honey), everyone meets up friends and wishes all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


 Soon Farmers Market becomes small for everyone thus spreading through the surrounding areas.


 This is one of the longest nights in Funchal.

End-of-the-Year Festivities
festasFimAno1 Christmas and the New Year are always celebrated with great joy by Madeirans. The preparations to turn Funchal into a genuine life-size manger scene begin in October. The streets are decorated with multicoloured lights, in designs that symbolise the island and the festive season.

In December the squares in the centre of the city are decorated with flowers: poinsettias, holly, and lady’s slipper orchids. Christmas music can be heard in almost any street, infecting all those who come to the city in this atmosphere of great joy to do their Christmas shopping or who simply want to experience these days that precede the “Festival”, as Madeirans refer to Christmas.

There is also a rich and extensive programme of events of a cultural, ethnic and artistic nature that begins in November when the lights are turned on in the streets of Funchal and lasts throughout the month of December until King’s Day in January.



The bustle continues after Christmas, now to make the last day of the year memorable to all. With the amphitheatre of Funchal transformed into a magnificent lighted manger scene, the stage is set for the big show: New Year’s Eve. At the stroke of midnight on December 31, fireworks set off from about fifty points scattered around the mountainsides and the bay of Funchal, light up the sky with a remarkable variety of colours and shapes for around 10 minutes.

New Year’s Eve in Funchal leaves no one indifferent; no one who sees the fireworks display can ever forget it!

More information: www.madeiraislands.travel



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