28 Nov 2021
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1st Day

See suggestions for Funchal in one day.

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Igreja de Nossa Senhora do MonteJardins Monte Palace Carros-de-Cesto


2nd Day

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From the Belvedere of Eira do Serrado, located at an elevation of 1095 metres, one can look out over one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes of Madeira: the view over Curral das Freiras, a parish set in the crater of an extinct volcano.

Miradouro da Eira do SerradoCurral das Freiras

It is a breathtaking sight!

A visit to Curral das Freiras is an unforgettable experience. The road that takes us to the centre of the parish and winds around the deep canyons was not built until the early 1950s. It’s a typical Madeira road!

Another alternative for getting down to Curral das Freiras is to follow a levada. There’s no better way to enjoy the dazzling Madeira landscapes that to walk along its levadas.


There are more than 200 levadas that cross the island. Most of these amazing routes are accessible, but there are varying degrees of difficulty. Under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone attempt to walk these paths alone. Always take water, pack food, wear appropriate shoes, carry a torch and bring warm clothes.


We recommend Levada  do Curral e Castelejo and Levada dos Piornais.

The first one, Curral e Castelejo, is a walk that is almost as dangerous as it is beautiful. At times the edge of the levada is narrow, in some places it is in poor state of repair, and there are almost no railings. We therefore recommend that those who take this walk exercise the greatest caution. The Levada dos Piornais is easier. For most of the way, the esplanade of the levada is wide and there is no danger. However, there are some cliffs for about a kilometre. The descent to the bed of the Socorridos stream is relatively easy.



3rd Day

Mapa Map 3rd day

At Largo do Município, in the centre of Funchal, you will find some of the most important monuments of the city and the Historic Centre of São Pedro. 

Igreja de São João EvangelistaPaços do Concelho do Funchal

The Igreja de São João Evangelista, better known as the Colegio Church, belonged to the Colégio de São João Evangelista, built by the Jesuits. Construction began in 1629, but the church was only finished in the first half of the 18th century. It is a typical example of a Jesuit temple, where visitors can see beautiful frescoes that were discovered during the recent restoration work on the church. Also on Largo do Colégio, as the Largo do Município is known locally, you should visit the Funchal City Hall, a beautiful and imposing building of the 18th century that belonged to the Count of Carvalhal before being purchased by the Funchal City Government in 1883.

Paços do Concelho do FunchalPaços do Concelho do FunchalPaços do Concelho do Funchal

On the other side of the square, you will find the Sacred Art Museum. Installed in the former Bishop’s Palace of Funchal, ordered built in the 17th century, it contains one of the largest collections of Flemish paintings, dating from the end of the 15th century to the close of the first half of the 16th century. It is one museum that should not be missed!

In this area and its surroundings, you will find a number of restaurants with outdoor tables where you can enjoy a pleasant lunch.

Mar da Madeira~mar da Madeira

 Use the afternoon to go on a boat excursion to see the coastline of the island. See Funchal from another vantage point, while you watch dolphins, whales and other species that live in the seas of Madeira. At the Funchal Marina you will find all the information about boat excursions and other aquatic activities.






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