18 Oct 2021
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Mapa Map Itineraries Funchal in 7 days 

1st Day

See suggestions for Funchal in one day.

 Mapa Map 1st day


Núcleo Histórico de Santa MariaCarros-de-Cesto Jardins Monte Palace


2nd and 3rd Days

See suggestions for Funchal in three days.

Mapa Map 2nd day
Mapa Map 3rd day


Curral das Freiraslevada

Paços do Concelho do FunchalPaços do Concelho do Funchal



4th Day

Mapa Map 4th day

From the Fort of São João Baptista, in Caminho da Achada, we have one of the most beautiful views of Funchal.

Fortaleza de São João BaptistaFortaleza de São João Baptista (Vista)

The Caminho da Achada is a typical Funchal street: narrow, steep, and lined with houses with small gardens and high walls covered with climbing plants. Go down to the Museum of Quinta das Cruzes, which contains decorative art, including a rich collection of furniture, decorative objects, jewels and pieces of silver from the 18th and 19th centuries. In its gardens we find beautiful specimens of the flora of Madeira and from around the world, as well as some pieces of archaeological interest. 

Museu da Quinta das CruzesMuseu da Quinta das CruzesMuseu da Quinta das Cruzes 

Pop over to the Belvedere das Cruzes, right beside the museum, for a view over downtown Funchal.



Continue going down the hill, and on the Calçada de Santa Clara you’ll come to the Santa Clara Church, built at the end of the 15th century by João Gonçalves da Câmara, son of the discoverer of Madeira Island and second donatory captain of Funchal.

If you appreciate Portuguese ceramic tiles, be sure to visit the Frederico de Freitas House Museum, right below the Santa Clara Church, which has a rich, vast collection.

 Igreja de Santa ClaraCasa Museu Frederico de FreitasCasa Museu Frederico de Freitas

A bit further down, you come to the São Pedro Church and the Funchal Museum of Natural History. In this area, which belongs to the Historic Centre of São Pedro, you will find various restaurants that serve typical Madeiran dishes. It is a very popular area for locals who work in the centre of the city. After lunch, we suggest going over to the Public Seaside Walkway, a very pleasurable location for a walk at the end of the day and for doing sports.


5th Day

Mapa Map 5th day

See Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro, one of the most beautiful and emblematic Quintas (estates) of Madeira. Located about 10 km east of the centre of Funchal, this is a place you should visit: a magnificent property with centuries-old trees, luxurious bushes and an impressive collection of camellias. The best time of the year to see them in bloom is between November and April.

Quinta do Palheiro FerreiroQuinta do Palheiro Ferreiro

Even if you don’t play Golf, it’s worth your while to see the Palheiro Golf Course, one of the most beautiful courses in Europe, with its magnificent view over the bay of Funchal and the surrounding amphitheatre. Take the opportunity to have lunch at the Tea House located south of the gardens or at the golf course club house.

Campo de Golfe do PalheiroCampo de Golfe do Palheiro


On the way back to Funchal, stop at the Pináculo Belvedere. From this point 283 metres above sea level, you have one of the most beautiful views of the bay of Funchal.

Miradouro do Pináculo


6th Day

Mapa Map 6th day

The Funchal Botanical Garden, located at Bom Sucesso, besides being a scientific centre, is one of the most emblematic gardens of Funchal. The garden commands a superb view over the city of Funchal, and in the garden you can see about 3000 exotic plants from various areas around the world, approximately 200 indigenous species, succulents, plants producing tropical and subtropical fruits, and some of the typical crops grown in Madeira.

Jardim Botânico do FunchalJardim Botânico do Funchal

While in the area, take the Monte-Bom Sucesso Levada in the opposite direction, from Bom Sucesso to Monte, one of the most beautiful locations around Funchal.
From there, you can return to Funchal by Cable Car or by the typical wicker toboggans.

6th Day6th Day6th Day


7th Day

Mapa Map 7th day

Spend the morning in the centre of Funchal. Come down to the Avenida Arriaga, or the Central Plaza, as all the pedestrian area of this avenue is called.

7th Day7th Day


Watch the movement of the city and its people while you enjoy a cheese cake (queijada) or drink passion fruit juice, which is so typical and well-liked in Madeira. While in the centre of Funchal visit the São Lourenço Palace. 

Palácio de São Lourenço


The name “São Lourenço Palace” refers to set of monuments that include the fort and the palace proper, which includes the state rooms on the main floor and the gardens. With the institution of the autonomous system of government in 1976, the palace became the Official Residence of the Representative  for the Republic in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

7th Day

Photo: Roberto Pereira DRAC/DSPC


Not far from the São Lourenço Palace in Avenida Arriaga, runs the Rua da Carreira. It is still one of the most characteristic streets in the city. It was already in existence in 1528, and still today there are various buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, although there are some buildings that are out of character.

Museu de Photographia VicenteMuseu de Photographia Vicente

If you’re a photography buff, be sure to visit the Photographia Vicente Museum. The studio, founded in 1848 by Vicente Gomes da Silva, was turned into a museum, and today, “Vicentes” Photographia – Museum is the oldest photography studio in Portugal.

complexos balneárioscomplexos balneários

And what better way to end the day than taking a dip in the sea? Go to one of the bathing complexes, have lunch, rest, and enjoy the sun and sea of Madeira.


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