20 Oct 2021
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There's nothing better to enjoy the wonders that Madeira has to offer, than going trough its trails and Levadas.

There are over 200 Levada Walks for one to choose from, and most of them are quite accessible for everyone. However there are several levels of difficulty(1 to 5, being the 5th the hardest), thus it is always recommended for those who may be interested, in consulting either a Travel agency or an organization specialized in this matter.

Levada Walks should always be accompanied by a Mountain Guide. One should never try and go on these walks by themselves, keeping in mind that water, a snack or two, sugar and a lantern are things that you should never forget to bring along with you, as well as proper shoes wear and a coat.

In this matter, Funchal has 4 Levadas for you to choose from:
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