28 Oct 2021
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From Largo das Babosas you have a breathtaking view over Ribeira João Gomes. At the end of this steeply road and shortly before we reach the village of Curral dos Romeiros, we can enjoy the astonishing Funchal's Bay.

As soon as you reach Caminho do Meio , you are given two options:

A - Have a quick turn and go up towards Caminho dos Pretos

B- Keep going straight away up to Caminho do Terço and then reach Palheiro Ferreiro

A) Monte - Choupana - Carreiras - Rochão - Igreja da Camacha: 11,5Km (4h)
B) Monte - Choupana - Levada da Serra - Vale Paraíso – Igreja da Camacha : 13 km (+4h)

Both the routes can be done by anyone that enjoys walking throughout trills and even for those who suffer from heights

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