28 Oct 2021
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This levada nourishes from the banks of Ribeira dos Socorridos, where Fajã do Poio is located, and has an extention of 11km, taking about 4h to do it.

We should start it right above Estádio dos Barreiros (Maritimo’s Stadium), where the levada and the road that gives access to Bairro da Nazaré, come together. Immediately after Caminho do Amparo, there are some waste lands, opposite Praia Formosa. Once we reach the 1st tunnel, it is advised to stop here, seeing that from here onwards, the tunnels are going to get narrow and lower as you go along, the path gets really slippery and parts of the path have no protection in both sides.


Notes: From Barreiros to Lombada, the paths are wide and even must of the time. From Lombada and as soon as you start going down to Engelho Velho (1km), you will face some cliffs. Afterwards the access to the Ribeira dos Socorridos is quite easy for one to do

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