24 Oct 2021
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Curral and Castelejo Levada Print E-mail



This levada provides water to both Santo Antonio and São Martinho areas, being at the same time, the only access to Fajã do Poio. Through it one can visit and enjoy the ancient Fajã and at the same time, enjoy a nature walk to Curral das Freiras.

Nowadays Fajã do Poio, that belongs to Santo Antonio parish part of Funchal municipally, is nothing but a “ghost village” and all that remains from the previous population that lived there, is ruins of old houses, covered in bramble.




This levada last around 5h but bare in mind that is offers not only beautiful landscapes as well as danger: the majority of the path is narrow and sometimes there’s nothing for people to grab or support on, thus it is highly recommended all the attention that one can have.

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