18 Oct 2021
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 Funchal Ecological Park was created in 1994 by Funchal City Hall with the goal of developing projects, concerning the preservation and conservation of Madeira’s nature, the environment education and the birth of leisure areas for everyone in general.
So being, throughout the years this park has been on developing all the conditions so that these projects might happen.
Funchal Ecological Park
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 In the area concerning the conservation of Madeira’s Nature, there have been developed forestall projects, aiming for the extermination of infesting plants, such as the acacia-tree and the eucalyptus, so that indigene plants from the Laurisilva (is the endemic type of humid subtropical laurel forest, found on several of the Macaronesian islands of the North Atlantic and Macaronesian African mainland enclaves, namely Madeira Islands) such as the til, mahogany, beech, laurel trees and the heather may proliferate.
As for fauna, it was also created the program “Project Puffinus”, whose aim is the preservation of the Patagarro (Puffinus puffinus) and his natural habitat.
In what concerns the environmental education, awareness actions have been on occurring so that both visitors and locals may with time have a bigger attitude in what concerns the preservation of nature itself.

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