18 Oct 2021
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The devotion to Our Lady of Monte, promoted by Adão Ferreira (the 1st man born in Madeira) and his descendants, dates back to the middle of the 15th century, and in 1489 there was already an inventory of the chapel in the minutes of Funchal City Hall. The chapel was chaplain in the mid-sixteenth century, and many neighbors celebrated on the 15th of August, the feast of Our Lady - at least since 1551.

Based on this devotion, in the 9 February 1565, the parish of Monte was born, subject to the parish of Sé, by order of the Bishop of Funchal back then and by royal charter on 7 March of that year.

The small chapel was rebuilt in mid 18th century, between 1741 and 1743, but the earthquake of 1748 damaged most the structure. The works were then in charge of the master of the royal works, Domingos Martins Rodrigues and they kept on progressing up until the end of the 18th century. With the flood of 1803, Our Lady of Monte started being invoked as the Saint Patron of the Island and subsequently in 1818 the church was inaugurated on her honor.

Monte's church is located at a broad cobbled churchyard railing and isolated, hived off the top of an imposing staircase. With a magnificent view over Funchal, it's surrounded by the former premises of the brotherhoods and the pilgrims, the former rectory on the basis of which lies the House of Carreiros, from where the sledges that unite Monte and city of Funchal start its course. On the stairs we have the statue of the beatified Charles of Habsburg, who died at Quinta do Monte, in February 1922, whose coffin lies in one of the chapels of the church.

As it used to happen back in the 15th and 16th century, Monte parish is still nowadays stage of the most important and well attended festival in Madeira Island, signed on 15 August.

Population: 329 Inhabitants/Km2
Area: 186hac
Surrounding areas: São Roque, Santa Maria Maior and Santa Luzia




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