18 Oct 2021
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The parish of Santa Luzia was created by decree of December 28, 1676, by D. Pedro II, then sharing the space above the parishes of the Cathedral and Monte. He settled initially a small chapel, which was successively enlarged. A new construction was then initialized between 1719 and 1741. During this period the parish worked in the old chapel of Our Lady of Incarnation, appended to the old Franciscan girls convent.

The land of this parish shares the streets of Bom Jesus and Comboio, the Levada Ribeira de Santa Luzia and João Gomes. In its land was the former convent of the Incarnation, where later on would be erected an important building of the former seminary. Later served as headquarters of the former General Board and then as high school and was handed back to the diocese. This is a parish of rural character that even today, has in its perimeter a significant number of ancient villas. 
Population: 5.139 Inhabitants/Km2
Area: 130hac
Surrounding areas: Monte, Santa Maria Maior, São Pedro, Imaculado Coração Maria and Sé
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