18 Oct 2021
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The lands of Santo Antonio parish used to be part of the parish of Sé and of São Pedro. It was destitute from both of these parishes in 1557, time in which it got dependent to the Cathedral, since it began to make parish records.

In 1566, Santo Antonio was entitled to parish and it extended up to Curral das Freiras and in 1783, this parish went trough a lot of changes: the actual church started being built, work of Antonio Vila Vicêncio and inspected by Ensign Antonio Francisco Cruz Camacho. In 1789 the work was done and later on, in 1790, Curral das Freiras got independent.

Santo Antonio is proud of possessing a church with 2 towers that apart from the one in Monte, holds a majestic facade, seen from everywhere in Funchal. This parish is the most crowded parish of Funchal, holding a vast area in between the pick and belvedere of Barcelos and the slopes.


Population: 1.007 Inhabitants/Km2
Area: 2.220hac
Surrounding areas: São Martinho, São Roque and São Pedro
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