27 Nov 2021
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São Gonçalo parish was built starting of from Santa Maria Maior one, in 1558. The charter of its creation is unknown, but by taking curacy licensure dates March 7, 1566. Originally it was located by the old chapel of Nossa Senhora das Neves, until that by order of the Board of Finance, in 15 October 1697, it was ordered to erect a new temple.

In the mid-twentieth century, the building of the present church was initialized, following the lines of the Estado Novo (New State – richness, freedom and democracy). Funding for the new church began to be collected by Father Porfirio, however, it was with the priest and historian Manuel Pita Juvenal Ferreira that the work on the rectory began, in July 1946 and the parish church in 1947. The church was designed by the engineer Manuel Fabricio Rodrigues and the works were carried out by the manufacturer Jacinto Fernandes de Gouveia.

The parish is located between Santa Maria Maior and Caniço parishes


Population: 1.020 Inhabitants/Km2
Area: 710hac
Surrounding areas: Santa Maria Maior
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