18 Oct 2021
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The lands of the parish of São Martinho were destitute from the parish of São Pedro by the end of the 16th century, by curacy licensure 3 March 1579, as of the second installment of this parish.

Similar to what happens today, this land is partly agricultural. In this parish operated a small chapel built by Afonso Anes, the gardener, in honor of São Martinho.

In 1735 the church was enlarge and almost rebuilt from scratch.

With the population growth, by the end of the 19th century, an imposing temple started being built. The first stone was laid on 8 July 1883, but the work did not start until the 20th century, which caused the Church to be ready only on the 24 June 1918. In 1940, with the transfer of the cemetery's central area up to the surrounding areas of the church, the old church ended up by becoming the funeral chapel.

The land goes down to the sea, extending between the streams of Ribeiro Seco and Socorridos

Population: 5.329 Inhabitants/Km2
Area: 810hac
Surrounding areas: Santo Antonio, São Pedro and Sé
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