18 Oct 2021
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Igreja de São João Evangelista (Igreja do Colégio)Igreja de São João Evangelista (Igreja do Colégio)Igreja de São João Evangelista (Igreja do Colégio)

This Jesuit church dates from the 17th century, and has a mannerist style, disposing of a  single nave, transept and a main chapel, perfectly evident. This sytle presents an architectural scheme, one of the most publicized in history, carried out by Jesuit missionaries who expanded the Word of Christ throughout the World.


In its interior, one can find several examples of paintings of the 17th and 18th century, gold framed. 

The walls of the sacristy are adorned by blue and white tiles (Portuguese style), which dates from the 17th century as well. 


The door, also from the 17th century,is done of "Caixa de Açúcar" wood (back then the woods used to export the sugarcane prodution of the island, was later transformed into furniture), which is in the lobby, is flanked by two marble holy water fonts, shell shaped.


The main facade bears the royal arms, flanked by balconies spread over three floors.

On the first floor, with three doors, six basalt columns that support three ashlar stone fronts, and two niches with statues of St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier. Following is the second and third floors with lots of windows and doors, ashlar stone framed, and niches with statues of St. Francis Borgia and St. Stanislaus.

Location: Largo do Município 9000-080 Funchal
Telephone: 291233534


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