28 Nov 2021
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The construction of a Holy House of Mercy, which would be called Saint Isabel Hospital, began in the 17th century. The work progressed slowly and the transfer of patients was made as the conditions evolved. The new Mercy, the Gathering of Orphans and the Mental Home, were finally installed only in 1726. In the early 20th century, a nursery for the English was established, later called British Infirmary. In 1927, new works took place, and in 1931, after the construction of the Marmeleiros Hospital, patients were gradually transferred to the new facility. In 1933, the property was granted for the installation of the District General Board. With the works of the opening/expansion of Avenida Zarco, part of the building was demolished, corresponding to the former local medical center, leaving only the door armories with the royal coat arms of Portugal.

Funchal Old Mercy / General Board Palace
Regional Government Building
The building, that was previously the General Board, today home to some departments of the Regional Government of Madeira, went later through improvements. From this time, what remains still, is the beautiful polychrome tile panels with allegories of the 17th century, and a large mural that is on the staircase leading to the Noble Salon, previously the room of the former Legislative Assembly of Madeira, later transferred to its new headquarters in Funchal Customs House.






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