28 Nov 2021
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The Municipal Garden is located right in the centre of the city, north of Avenida Arriaga, on a ground which once belonged to the Franciscan Convent.
From the Convent only remains the marble coat of arms with the arms of the Franciscans and the Portuguese Kingdom. The coat of arms can be seen on one of the lawns of the garden.
In October 1885 the new green space received the name of Municipal Garden and was later renamed Garden of Dona Amelia.

Municipal Garden
Municipal Garden
With the fall of the monarchy in October 1910, the old name returned: Municipal Garden.
Within this space, visitors can observe some examples of Madeiran flora and a great variety of species from different tropical and subtropical regions. On the 21st of August 1992, an auditorium was inaugurated, which is frequently used for different cultural activities.
Also worth mentioning are some of the works of art such as: the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Paul and Virginia from 1943, the busts of João Fernandes Vieira - Liberator of Pernambuco, the writer João Reis Gomes and Simon Bolivar.
Location: Rua Ivens (N), Av. Arriaga (S) | Sé - Funchal
Area: 8.300 m2 | Altitude: 20 m
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