28 Nov 2021
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Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

By municipal initiative, the project for the design and building of the theatre was awarded to the architect Tomás Augusto Soler, who unfortunately passed away before the beginning of the construction. On the 24th October 1884, the construction work began with the engineer José Araújo Júnior as project manager and Manuel Pereira as master builder.

The structural elements of the theatre followed neo-classical and Italianate influences of the La Scalla Theatre in Milan and the São Carlos National Theatre in Lisbon, which served widely as a model to nearly all other architectural theatre designs of the 19th century in Portugal.

The building has a rectangular design and the facade elevates two floors high. On the ground floor the interior is comprised of a wide and ample foyer. On the floor above there is an equally wide Noble Hall. Both these areas precede a horseshoe shaped auditorium which is divided into a ground floor pit area and three levels of balconies with nine boxes on each side.

The ceilings and cornices of the main halls are decorated with naturalist and romantic style paintings authored by the Italian scenographer Luigi Manini and the  Portuguese painter-de-corator Eugénio Cotrim.

The theatre was inaugura-ted on the 11th March 1888 and débuted with the show entitled “Las dos Princesas” – a “zarzuela” (a Spanish type of comic opera) – performed by the theatrical troupe run by José Zamorano, and invited over from the neighbouring Canary Islands to perform at the auspicious occasion.

The Municipal Theatre was initially called “Teatro Dona Maria Pia” in homage to the Portuguese Queen of the time. After the demise of the Portuguese monarchy and the establishment of the New Republic, the theatre was renamed “Teatro Funchalense”.

After the death of Manuel de Arriaga, a former deputy of the Portuguese legislature for Madeira, and the first President of the Portuguese Republic, the theatre adopted his name. However, in 1935 the theatre was once again and for the last time renamed “Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias” in honour of the 16th century Madeiran dramatist, known as the “blind poet of Madeira Island”. He was considered one of the most important dramaturgical contributors to the Portuguese literary heritage of his time.


From Tuesday  to  Sunday

Opening Hours: from 9h to 17h30

Opening Hours ( During show days): From 9h to 21h30



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Theater: 291 215130

Ticket Office: 291 220 416

Website: http://teatro.cm-funchal.pt 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Teatro-Municipal-Baltazar-Dias

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeatroMBDias

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/teatromunicipalbaltazardias

Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre also provides guided tours:

Duration: 45 minutes

Schedual: Tuesdays at 10 a.m

Tickets: Adults: 3,50€ / 11 to 17 years and Seniors 2,50€

Groups (Min. 10 people): 2,50€ / Children: Free of charge

Contact: 291 215 130

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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