28 Nov 2021
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With the attack of French corsairs, from 1560 the fortification and defence of the Island attracted the interest of the Government and the population of Funchal.
Based on the Fortification regime of D. Sebastião, dated from 1572, the city was surround by walls.
Around the end of the 16th century, the town wall of Funchal was completed.

Town Wall
Town Wall Town Wall

Three parts of the wall were built:
- In front of the sea and along of the torrents São João and João Gomes.

The walls bordered the torrents, following their lines and using them as moats.
It is believed that there were five gates on the Town Wall of Funchal:
Two served the sea and three served the town.

By the 19th century most all of the wall along the torrent João Gomes and the centre of the city had disappeared. In military terms, it had lost its interest, and for the inhabitants it was an obstacle to get to the river and its banks.
There is very little left from the wall these days, but this part remains in Major Reis Gomes Street with 3,40m height and about 1,20m wide.








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