28 Nov 2021
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Funchal City Hall
In the first half of the 19th century, the Funchal City Hall was installed in its present location, a palace built in 1758, by the family Conde de Carvalhal, home to their family until around 1820, then leased to an English Wine Firm, “Blackburns & Company”.In 1940, the building and the surrounding space were subject to important recovery work, giving it the appearance that it has today. The overall project was done by Carlos Ramos and Raúl Lino.
Funchal City Hall
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The building, with a square plant, has a small inner patio decorated with a marble statue of Leda and the Swan, made by Germano Salles, to be placed at the D. Pedro V Municipal Market, nowadays extinct.

The main access is through a doorway carved in grey stone, giving access to the stair case that leads to the Noble Floor who´s walls are cladded with beautiful blue and white ceramic tiles signed by Battistini and manufactured in the Factory of D. Maria de Portugal.

City Hall   City Hall   City Hall

The salons are decorated in a 40´s revivalist and baroque style.

The Noble Salon displays an important set of portraits of the last Kings of Portugal, as well as an “Allegory of the 7 Professions” that contributed to the elevation of Funchal into a City, executed by the Madeiran artist Alfred Miguéis, also responsible for the painting on the ceiling.


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In the northern façade, in front of the Court, there is a bas-relief of the Saint Santiago Menor, from 1944, by the sculptor António Duarte.

Rising from the southern façade, is an amazing panoramic view tower, which can be visited during the guided tours to the Funchal City Hall.


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