Natural Patrimony Print

Having in mind the safeguard of the Natural Patrimony of Funchal’s Municipally, it was created Selvagens Natural Reserve (an ornithological sanctuary), Garajau Natural Reserve (biological richness of huge scientific interest) and Funchal Ecological Park, which together with local schools and general audience itself, have been on promoting a very important role, in what comes down to environmental education and the protection of nature.


Garajau Natural
  Selvagens Natural
  Funchal Ecological
Garajau Natural Reserve   Selvagens Natural Reserve   Funchal Ecological Park
Garajau Natural Reserve is located between Lazaretto’s quay and Ponta da Oliveira and has an area ...    Selvagens Natural Reserve is part of Funchal Municipally. Located around 163 miles from ...   Funchal Ecological Park was created in 1994 by Funchal City Hall with the goal of developing projects, ...