Chronology Print
15th Century


  • The Settlement Starts;


  • Elevation of Funchal to Chief Town;


  • Election of a group of 24 people to command  ("Casa dos 24");


  • The House Chamber is born;


  • The Cathedral starts being built by order of D. Manuel;
16th Century 1508
  • Elevation of Funchal to City;


  • The Cathedral is finalized;
  • D. Manuel orders the construction of a Hospital and a new Customs House;


  • Funchal is attacked by the French Corsairs;
  • Madeira  Wine acquired fame and notoriety;

17th Century

  • Noticeable English Merchantmen settle themselves in the island and take control over the wine trades;

18th Century


  • Funchal’s Harbor starts being built;
  • The commercial trades in the heart of the city increases;
  • Funchal grows up until Monte;

19th Century

  • Two major plagues attacks the vines. Sugarcane and other stronger wine casts are introduced;
  • Funchal becomes a tourist  and a therapeutic resort, being visited by many outstanding personalities of Europe;

20th Century

  • With the creation of Funchal’s Harbor and later on with Santa Catarina Airport, nowadays called Madeira International Airport, Funchal becomes a center of international tourism, equipping itself with hotels and resorts.