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São Roque parish used to be part of the “original” Sé parish that for a short period of time was part of São Pedro parish as well, having been destitute from this parish and São Martinho’s one in 1579. So being, the Cardinal gave Funchal the opportunity of creating a new parish. This was established in the former chapel of São Roque and it was built by residents in the early 16th century, probably with the help of city workers funds, since São Roque was one of the Saint Patrons of Funchal, which protected the population against the plague. 

The original small chapel gave place to a new church rised up in 1704, next to place where still nowadays is called “Igreja Velha” – The Old Church. But the building had deficiencies and eventually collapse in 1790. It was then built a new church, designed by engineer Antonio Villa Vicencio, whose works continued until 1820 and finish by mid 19th century.

São Roque parish includes Achada, Muro da Coelha, Conceição, Fundoa, Igreja Velha, Calhau, Igreja Nova, Alegria, Bugiaria, Lombo Segundo, Lombo de São João and Santana.

Population: 1.121 Inhabitants/Km2
Area: 750hac
Surrounding areas: Santo Antonio, Monte, Imaculado Coração Maria and São Pedro