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Taking in consideration the extensive Funchal and Madeira communities, rooted in St. Helier, the cooperation between the two Municipalities is paramount and should be based on their own identities and undertaken in a harmonious and responsible way.

The two townships do consider that this twinning will contribute for closer links amongst the inhabitants of the two municipalities, thus manifesting their wish to develop – to it’s utmost – the relationship between Funchal and St. Helier, as a way of consolidating the friendship between the (two) communities.

This cooperation and exchange will cover all areas that are considered of relevant interest, to both parties, namely:

  • Economic Cooperation and Investment
  • Tourism
  • Environment and Heritage
  • Educational and NVQ’S
  • Cultural and Sporting Initiatives
  • and Arrangement of Municipal Initiatives

The twinning agreement between the cities of Funchal and the Connétable of the Parish of St. Helier was signed in 4th of April of 2008 by their Mayors Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque and Alan Simon Crowcroft, respectively.

C_M_St_Helier The Parish Hall of St. Helier is the seat of municipal administration

Saint Helier is one of the twelve parishes, and the largest town in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. It has a population of about 28,000, and is the capital of the Island (although Government House is situated in St. Saviour).

The parish covers a surface area of 4.1 square miles, being 9% of the total land area of the Island (this includes reclaimed land area of 494 acres).

The parish crest is two crossed gold axes on a blue background, symbolising the martyrdom of Helier and the sea.

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